Tools was established in 2008 and thus is still very much in the formative stages of its development. We however intend to provide a large number of open source software offerings.

BabbleQuest International is the partner and main supporting organization for The bulk of our development budget comes from this entity. BabbleQuest International is focused on development of high end language tools for commercial companies. This research and development cycle can take several years. As tools are created in support of this development, spin off technologies and ad hoc tools are generated. In most cases these tools age with time and are lost to the lack of active maintenance. Our intent is to provide many of these useful tools to the open source community. This will provide both the motivation to extend this initial work and foster an active user base that can provide valuable feedback to our initial development. While our software offerings are varied and sometimes esoteric, our Natural Language Processing software will focus on enabling collaboration and development of language tools that break down language barriers.